Structural & Commercial Glazing


The versatility of glass

Whether home or workplace, modern buildings have to be energy-efficient, safe, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the occupants. They can even generate energy and communicate. All these functions can be met by glass for the construction industry and other advanced industrial sectors.

Structural or Architectural Glazing allows for a modern design to any building or room, large or small. Large elevations of glass will bring in a flood of natural light and help connect internal space wit the outside with no interrupting frames, maximising light in any building. A structural glass wall is ideal for any modern architectural design – from external glazing to interior decoration. 

Wexford Viking Glass of a number of structural and architectural design options. We will design, survey, manufacture and install your structural glass system providing you with a full glazing service by a fully qualified and experienced team. There are many design and specification aspects that need to be taken into consideration and with over 40 years experience and knowledge in the glass, glazing and construction industry Wexford Viking Glass glass experts can assist with your design requirements to meet all your project demands.

Out in-house engineering design team can provide bespoke glazing solutions to a number of different ends, from decorative or showpiece creations to larger bespoke structural assemblies. We provide practical glazing solutions across many sectors in the residential, domestic and commercial markets.