OptEshield Insulated Glass Units

OptEshield Insulated Glass Units

Wexford Viking Glass has successfully manufactured its OptEshield range of double & triple glazed units for close to 30 years. To date we have supplied in excess of 4,000,000 units into the Irish market. Our OptEshield range is a high performanceEnergy Efficient unit manufactured in full compliance with the very latest European and International standards such as EN1279 and EN12150.

Our range of double glazed & triple glazed units can achieve a u-value of .5

Why Use OptEshield?

Windows glazed with OptEshield will help householders save thousands of Euros over the lifetime of the windows.
OptEshield will help reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the amount of heat lost from your home and reducing the need for additional heating.
OptEshield A is exceptionally clear when compared to standard double-glazed units and will allow more of the Sun’s natural heat pass into the house.

OptEshield Clearly makes Cents!